Runner's Rehab Program

If running a 5K or half-marathon is something you would like to accomplish, but you have experienced pain when increasing your mileage or distance, HealthPoint Rehab can help.

Often times, new runners develop pain that limits their running tolerance and can leave them feeling frustrated and defeated because they can’t reach their goals. Our goal is to help you achieve a new PR, finish a challenging race or simply improve your health by running without pain!

How Our Runner’s Program Works

The HealthPoint Runner’s Rehab program is designed for people who are relatively symptom free with regular activity, but develop pain after starting a running program.

The program includes:

  • Thorough physical therapy evaluation to determine flexibility or strength deficits
  • Video gait analysis of your running pattern
  • Individual instruction and home exercise program designed to help address your specific dysfunctions

Sometimes orthopedic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, hip or knee pain can be attributed to faulty running mechanics. We can help in these situations too!

Katrina Voelker, PT, enjoys working with runners of all fitness levels and specializes in this specific type of rehab.