Sports Medicine

The ultimate goal of every injured athlete is to get back to his or her sport as soon as possible. Our goal is to make this happen with the safety and long-term health of the athlete in mind. This is where the experience and expertise of the therapists at HealthPoint Rehab make all the difference.

Physical Therapy is an effective intervention for many sports injuries including:

  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • ACL injury
  • Shin splints
  • Adolescent conditions associated with growing
  • Repetitive motion or overuse injuries
  • Running injuries of hips, knees and feet
  • Throwing injuries – shoulder instability, rotator cuff, and elbow pain

Advanced Technology

HealthPoint uses Dartfish®, the world's leading video tool for functional movement analysis and Move2Perform®, a movement measurement and analysis tool to help athletes get back in the game.

Used world-wide by Olympic and professional teams, college and universities, high schools and athletes at all levels of competition, Dartfish® and Move2Perform® will assist the HealthPoint Rehab therapists in providing the most comprehensive functional evaluation and treatment of athletes’ injuries. Using these technologies, our therapists can more precisely identify deficits in an athlete’s movements and performance and then analyze the information using the latest in research to predict the probability of successful return to sport.

Dartfish® Offers:

  • Frame-by-frame technology that allows intensive movement analysis beyond what the naked eye will detect.
  • The ability to visually compare normal vs. improper mechanics via a split-screen format.
  • Visual results that can be shared physician or surgeon about progress achieved with rehab.

Move2Perform® Offers:

  • Objective reporting for pre-season testing and return to sport testing.
  • Synthesized results from research proven and sport-specific tests (e.g. Y Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen, Hop Testing) to calculate patient’s musculoskeletal status specific to the individual’s age, gender, sport and even position.
  • Results that are research based and validated in peer-review literature

We Can Help

We provide personal attention to assure correct technique with exercises and motivational encouragement to get you back to your sport. Our goal is your goal and we will work closely with you to ensure you return to the activities you love.

The return to sport can be divided into phases:

Acute Phase

  • Initial healing phase
  • Treatments are focused on rest, protective movement, reducing swelling, pain reduction, education about what to expect and timeline for progressing back to sport

Progressive Healing

  • Tissues are healing, but not at 100%
  • Goals are restoring full range of movement, flexibility, and strength, while avoiding flair ups of symptoms
  • Re-incorporation of injured area with full body movements required for sport

Functional Integration

  • Transition to return to sport
  • Focus on correct biomechanical movement of the affected area, equalizing injured to non-injured limb
  • Includes agility training, endurance work, strength progression, partial participation in practice/drills
  • Teaching athlete how to continue with the home exercises after being released from therapy

Once your therapy is complete, the HealthPoint Fitness training staff can help further your sport specific performance enhancement goals. Our therapists and trainers will work together to set up a program tailored just for you.