Work-Related Injuries

HealthPoint Rehab can help you with work-related injuries. As physical therapists, our training as movement specialists and with our background on posture and ergonomics, we are the best professionals to help you regain your maximal functional capacity in order to perform the essential functions of your job.

Your Guides Through Rehabilitation

Our on-site insurance verification specialists will help guide you through the paperwork and certifications needed to get started with therapy. Your physical therapist will develop, with your input, a treatment plan specific for your condition and circumstances. We will help guide you through therapy, working together, to meet your goals.

Often times you will perform specific exercises or simulation activities to help prepare you for a safe return to your specific job at work. We will communicate with your physician closely to keep him/her updated on your progress.

Our goal is to return you safely and timely to work as well as helping you to return to your normal home life.