Maternal Fetal Medicine Services

Southeast offers the specialized service of Maternal Fetal Medicine through an affiliation with SSM St. Mary’s Health Center and Fetal Care Institute, St. Louis.

The service is staffed by board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists. They are assisted by the experienced labor and delivery nurses from Southeast’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Center.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists and the clinical support team work closely with obstetricians and family doctors throughout the region.

What We Offer

  • State-of-the-art fetal ultrasound exams including 4-D surface renderings
  • Detailed evaluation of the fetal heart
  • Evaluations of fetuses at risk for certain genetic disorders
  • Blood flow assessments in the fetus and placenta
  • Prenatal diagnosis using methods such as amniocentesis
  • Consultation regarding managing pregnancies complicated by
    • diabetes
    • high blood pressure
    • thyroid disorders
    • seizure disorders
    • other medical problems
  • Assistance managing twin or triplet pregnancies
  • Pre-conception counseling for women with medical problems or family history of genetic disorders
  • Telemedicine visits