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For more information about aquatics, call Amy Moeckel at 573-986-4468.

Our Cape Girardeau facility offers a warm water pool and a lap pool for swimming lessons, fitness activities and recreation.

    Adult Aquatics Group Exercise

    We offer a variety of group exercise classes. For more information call 573-986-4468.

    Water Volleyball

    Regulation size volleyball net will be set up in the therapy pool for all to enjoy.

    Swim Lessons

    Private swim lessons are available for students of all ages. Download and complete the registration form to get started.

    Swim Stroke Assessment

    Everyone has unique goals when it comes to swimming. Whether it’s to swim well enough to be safe in and around water, learn basic swim skills for fitness or increase speed and endurance, we can help.

    • Depending on your skill level, the swim stroke assessment may be used to:
    • Determine your overall goals and current swim level
    • Identify key changes you can make to improve efficiency, speed and/or rhythm of your stroke
    • Determine your placement in a group lesson setting
    • Recommend more extensive lessons/training
    • Recommend drills to help improve your stroke
    • Measure improvement using 100m-500m time assessment and/or stroke count

    If you purchase a private swim lesson package after your assessment, your assessment fee will be refunded to you.

    Water Babies

    Parents learn information and techniques to help orient their child to the water. For ages 6 months to 3 years. (Warm Water Pool)

    Preschool Learn-to-Swim

    Preschool-aged children learn basic water safety and aquatic skills. For ages 3 to 5 years — approximately. (Warm Water Pool)

    Beginner Learn-to-Swim (Levels 1-2)

    Participants will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate group during the first week of lessons. For ages 6 years and older.

    Level 1: Helps students feel comfortable in the water. Class time is spent on water adjustment, floating, kicking, arm strokes and water safety.

    Level 2: Students learn fundamental swim skills, including the progression of front and back crawl, turning over while floating and water safety. (Warm Water Pool)

    Intermediate Learn-to-Swim (Levels 3-4)

    Participants will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate group during the first week of lessons. For ages 7 years and older.

    Level 3: Builds on Level 2 skills through additional guided practice. This class works on the refinement of the front and back crawl and swimming endurance. It also includes an introduction to the butterfly kick, front dives, treading water and safety skills.

    Level 4: Strengthens existing skills and teaches sidestroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Participants also begin turning at the wall. (Warm Water Pool and/or Lap Pool)

    HealthPoint Swim Club

    Go the distance in our 25 yard lap pool with this free incentive program! This is a great way to set personal goals and stay motivated to swim that extra mile.

    How it works:

    • Come in and swim. Then record the number of laps you swam on a card provided near the aquatic office.
    • We’ll keep track of your laps for you.
    • Get exciting awards as you progress in mileage!

    HP Kids SWIM

    HP Kids SWIM provides children ages 7-12 a supervised and guided opportunity to use the lap pool for fitness & conditioning purposes. This program is great for kids who can already swim but would like to get into swimming for fitness or to maintain their skills and endurance during the off-swim season.  During the scheduled times, they will be guided and motivated by a lifeguard on the pool deck. Participants are welcomed to arrive with their own workout. There will also be a swim workout provided each day that can be adapted to participants.  Everyone wishing to participate must pass a prerequisite swim test on the first day prior to their enrollment.