Member Stories

Starting Point Testimonial

Following a car accident, Judy Fuchs found herself doing water therapy to help with rehab. That rehab gave her the motivation to join the Starting Point program at HealthPoint Fitness. Though skeptical at first, Judy eventually stuck with the program and found weight loss success that actually works. Watch Judy's Story.

DickersonsJackson Couple Embraces Healthier Lifestyle

Doug and Heather Dickerson are happier and healthier – and it shows, thanks to Starting Point, the proven weight loss program offered by HealthPoint Fitness.

The Dickersons, Jackson residents, are no strangers to HealthPoint Fitness. They have been members almost 22 years, and exercise regularly, but had not considered Starting Point until last winter. Heather says she tried several other weight loss programs, but did not find the support she needed to be successful. Read the Dickerson's Story

Meeting Her Goal

As a school counselor at Saxony Lutheran High School, Judi Fuchs knows the importance of helping students set and meet goals. Now Judi has successfully met a goal of her own. Read Judi's Story.

Finding Family at the Gym

In 2017, Barb Penrod, a business woman with Rob Rueseler and Associates, decided to up her fitness level.  “I was active in my 20s and 30s, but working a desk job was finally taking its toll,”   Barb noted. “After talking to my friend Amy Sutherlin (also the fitness manager at HealthPoint Fitness)  I decided to try a program called ”Reboot” that is offered at the facility.” Read Barb's Story.

Fitness for a Lifetime

Alexa Griffin has stayed active her entire life and it has kept her going strong for 91 years. Read Alexa's Story.

Relieving Stress

Jaime Holloway is a member of the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff”s Office.  In her role as the detective assigned to domestic abuse and sexual violence cases, Jaime’s job is not only physically taxing but emotionally stressful.

To relieve that stress and build strength and stamina, she makes time to work out at HealthPoint Fitness in Jackson.  Jaime heads to the fitness center around the noon hour to lift weights or walk on the tread mill.  “I find that daily exercise helps me release some tension and lets me better focus on my job the rest of the day. Read Jaime's Story.

Bucket List Trip for Elite Athletes

If you had an opportunity to spend a week on the French Riviera, what would you look forward to most? HealthPoint Fitness members Terry Crocker and Sarah Eftink are planning a trip to the south of France the first week in September and on their list of things to do--- “Compete in the Iron Man 70.3 World Championship.” This elite athletic event may not be a bucket list item for most travelers, but will be an amazing accomplishment for these two tri-athletes. Read Terry and Sarah's Story.

Setbacks Can't Slow Her Down

“You don’t have a muscle in your body” was a comment heard by Sally Adams as her physical strength was first assessed by a personal trainer. Sally had fractured her tail bone and was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2013. After completing eight weeks of physical therapy, Andrea Marchi, a HealthPoint Rehab therapist, recommended that she work with a personal trainer to increase her strength and endurance. Read Sally's Story.

#75 Hard Fitness Challenge

Here is your challenge…follow a daily checklist of physical, nutritional and mental activities for 75 straight days.  If you miss even one day, start over.  No days off, no changing the routine.  Could you do it?

HealthPoint Fitness member Ben R. Ressel accepted this challenge  and completed it!  It all began when a nephew sent him a podcast by Andy Frisella on a fitness program called #75 Hard. “I listened to the podcast one evening.  I had been thinking about my upcoming 41st birthday and how I needed to get in shape and take better care of myself.    When I realized that my birthday was 75 days away, I decided right then I was going to give this challenge a try!  It was a sure sign that this program was for me.” Read Ben's Story.

Losing "the Grad School 20" & Much More

In 2012, Dusha Cecil joined HealthPoint Fitness at the same time she started graduate school.  She soon became very busy with classes and dropped her HealthPoint membership, then gained what she calls “the Grad School 20.”  

Today, Dusha is still a busy woman, working as a social worker at Cape Public Schools and in the Southeast Hospital Emergency Department, but she is back at HealthPoint and is proud to announce that she has lost her “Grad School 20” plus 50 more! Read Dusha's Story.

One Step At A Time

Darla Atchley, a long time SoutheastHealth employee and coding supervisor of Health Information Systems, knows what it’s like to be overweight and suffer with multiple health issues. She came face-to-face with the reality of how her weight was impacting her health when she was being treated for a herniated disc. Her physician told her that losing weight would positively impact her condition. Read Darla's Story.

Never Stop Trying

Paul Seyer hits the weight in HealthPoint's Power Alley four nights a week. Lifting has long been his passion but it never gets old! Read Paul's Story.

Reason to Celebrate

Will and Thelma Wade credit HealthPoint for helping them stay active and healthy through their golden years. Read Will and Thelma's Story.

In It Together

Bev and Larry Koehler are busy professionals who learned how to lose weight and improve their health through Biometrics. Read Bev and Larry's Story.

Something for Herself

When she retired from teaching, Mary Mims decided to take better care of herself. Read Mary's Story.

Exercise is a Family Affair

Tara Bova offers some advice to women about pregnancy and exercise. Read Tara's Story.

No Excuses

As a two-time graduate of Starting Point Weight Loss Program, Jackie Gould understands what it means to develop a life-time commitment to good health. She explains...

Fitness Champion

Sam Schneider finds that farming and body building take the same sort of dedication and perseverance. Read Sam's Story.

Setting the Pace

For MacKenzie Pracht, HealthPoint Fitness played an important part in her recovery from serious leg injuries and, as she regained strength, she began to see the benefits of becoming more active. Read MacKenzie's Story

Branching Out

Lisa Gibbar can be found on the pickleball court at HealthPoint Fitness in Cape most weekday mornings. She and a group of fellow pickleball enthusiasts love the competitiveness and the physical activity that the paddle sport creates. Read Lisa's Story

Reaching New Heights

Zach Young is a HealthPoint Fitness member who competes in triathlons. Not just any triathlon, but those put on by the International Para-triathlon Union (IPU) which hosts events around the world. Read Zach's Story