Member Stories

MaryMimsNever Stop Trying

Paul Seyer hits the weight in HealthPoint's Power Alley four nights a week. Lifting has long been his passion but it never gets old! Read Paul's Story.

Reason to Celebrate

Will and Thelma Wade credit HealthPoint for helping them stay active and healthy through their golden years. Read Will and Thelma's Story.

In It Together

Bev and Larry Koehler are busy professionals who learned how to lose weight and improve their health through Biometrics. Read Bev and Larry's Story.

Positive Change with Starting Point

Pauline Arnold is the Executive Director of SoutheastHEALTH Quality Management. Read how Starting Point helped her make some very positive changes to her life. Read Pauline's Story.

Something for Herself

When she retired from teaching, Mary Mims decided to take better care of herself. Read Mary's Story.

Exercise is a Family Affair

Tara Bova offers some advice to women about pregnancy and exercise. Read Tara's Story.

No Excuses

As a two-time graduate of Starting Point Weight Loss Program, Jackie Gould understands what it means to develop a life-time commitment to good health. She explains...

Fitness Champion

Sam Schneider finds that farming and body building take the same sort of dedication and perseverance. Read Sam's Story.

Setting the Pace

For MacKenzie Pracht, HealthPoint Fitness played an important part in her recovery from serious leg injuries and, as she regained strength, she began to see the benefits of becoming more active. Read MacKenzie's Story

Branching Out

Lisa Gibbar can be found on the pickleball court at HealthPoint Fitness in Cape most weekday mornings. She and a group of fellow pickleball enthusiasts love the competitiveness and the physical activity that the paddle sport creates. Read Lisa's Story

Reaching New Heights

Zach Young is a HealthPoint Fitness member who competes in triathlons. Not just any triathlon, but those put on by the International Para-triathlon Union (IPU) which hosts events around the world. Read Zach's Story