#75 Hard Fitness Challenge

BenResselHere is your challenge…follow a daily checklist of physical, nutritional and mental activities for 75 straight days.  If you miss even one day, start over.  No days off, no changing the routine.  Could you do it?

HealthPoint Fitness member Ben R. Ressel accepted this challenge  and completed it!  It all began when a nephew sent him a podcast by Andy Frisella on a fitness program called #75 Hard. “I listened to the podcast one evening.  I had been thinking about my upcoming 41st birthday and how I needed to get in shape and take better care of myself.    When I realized that my birthday was 75 days away, I decided right then I was going to give this challenge a try!  It was a sure sign that this program was for me.”

Ben started the regimen the next day even though he had no particular exercise routine or nutrition strategy in place.  He relied on MaryEtta Dunaway, a HealthPoint Dietitian, to help him choose a Mediterranean Diet plan and HealthPoint trainers to assist him in putting together a strength and conditioning program.   Even the HealthPoint pickleball players enjoyed the times when Ben would join them for a game or two!

It was hard, he admits, to find the time and energy to complete the daily routines.  But it changed the trajectory of his life.  Ben lost 37 pounds in 75 days, but the mental changes made as much impact on his life as the physical ones.  “I have a much more positive attitude now,” he says.  “More self-confidence and determination.” Other HealthPoint members have noticed the change in Ben and say it provides inspiration for them to set personal fitness goals.

Now that the challenge is complete, Ben continues to focus on taking care of himself.  “I am continuing to work out, drink water and watch my diet.  The challenge was a great way to jumpstart a whole new way to live my life,” he said.