In It Together

BevLarryKoehlerBev and Larry Koehler are a busy, professional couple who don’t have a lot of time to worry about the details of putting together a healthy diet. They have owned an accounting business in Jackson, MO for many years and have often found themselves eating out rather than cooking in after a long, busy day. That was until both Bev and Larry developed medical conditions that compelled them to take a closer look at their nutritional needs.

“I had heart surgery in 2013 and lost some weight at that time,” said Larry. “But the pounds returned and my blood pressure kept inching up.” Bev was then diagnosed with diabetes. “The medical professionals at the Diabetes Center instructed me on the importance of a healthy diet, but I just wasn’t into figuring out food exchanges,” noted Bev. After talking with co-workers about diet alternatives, Larry and Bev headed over the HealthPoint Fitness-Jackson to talk with trainer Rachel Biri.

“Rachel recommended Biometics, a nutrition and fitness program that is designed to help you lose weight and increase fitness and energy levels,” said Bev. “It turned out to do just that. We saw results right away.” Since beginning the program in August, Bev has lost 10 pounds and Larry is 20 pounds lighter. “What is amazing is that even though I am consuming less calories than several months ago, I don’t feel hungry. The food we are eating is satisfying,” added Larry.

The program provides menus, recipes and portion size based on our food preferences. “Most of the food is easily found in our local grocery stores,” she said. “The program also recommends eating six times a day to keep your metabolism up.”

“But, the best part of the diet is that the food actually tastes good,” Larry smiled. I’ve even come to enjoy dishes that don’t include meat or potatoes. That is really an accomplishment for a man who was born and raised on a farm. We are enjoying our time in the kitchen and fixing healthy, fresh meals.”

The couple also works out at HealthPoint three times a week. Rachel set up the training for Larry and Bev that is an integral part of the Biometrics program. Between eating well and exercise, both Koehlers have been able to cut back on the amount of medication they are taking.

Following a healthy diet isn’t always easy, especially when life gets in the way. Biometrics can also help you make the right food choices when you are away from home. “We do allow ourselves to enjoy food without obsessing about every bite. And, when we find that we are consuming more calories than we should, we know what to do to get back on track,” she said.

“We are in this together. Having a partner who is interested in better health makes staying faithful to following a healthy diet and keeping active so much easier,” Bev and Larry agreed. “And, we made this commitment so we can lead healthy, active lives for a long time to come.”