Never Stop Trying


Paul Seyer puts in a hard day’s work as a plumber for Monroe Plumbing.  But, he is never too tired to end his day in Power Alley at HealthPoint Fitness in Cape.  “I look forward to working out, said Paul.  “Even though I get plenty of physical activity with my job, lifting weights is something I really enjoy.  I meet up with my work out buddies, put my music on and start lifting.  Somehow, it helps me relax.”

Even as a young teenager, Paul had a keen interest in weight lifting.  “I first started working out at home with some free weights when I was 12 or 13.  By the late 1980’s, I was working out regularly at the gym. But, as I got older, my job and family took priority and I didn’t make time to work out.  

In 2010, when a friend asked Paul to work out with him at HealthPoint, he joined the fitness center and quickly felt at home in Power Alley.  “I loved coming back to the gym, but will admit that I never thought I would keep it up,” smiled Paul.  Now, he is at HealthPoint four days a week.

As the years have passed, Paul has moved from goal setting to maintaining his fitness levels.  Now in his 50’s, Paul is more aware of the need to warm up and stretch before moving to heavy weights.  “You have to be smart about it,” noted Paul.  “My advice to anyone starting out would be—don’t kill yourself!  Build a good foundation of fitness by starting slow.  Fitness doesn’t happen quickly, but never stop trying so you won’t have to start again!”

Paul enjoys the fact that there are men and women at HealthPoint of all ages and fitness levels working out together.  “Everyone one has different objectives and that’s the beauty of it…it’s great being part of a group of people who like to exercise and see its value. For me, knowing I have the power to lift a certain amount of weight makes me feel good about myself.”