Postive Changes with Starting Point

PaulineArnoldWalkingGrandkidsPauline Arnold weighs 83 pounds less than she did in March, 2016. Although she had tried various weight loss programs over the years, nothing provided long-term success until she began the Starting Point Weight Loss program offered at HealthPoint Fitness. “I like the philosophy of the program. It promotes a healthy lifestyle rather than just dieting. I knew I couldn’t change those things on my own. I needed the support and the accountability that Starting Point provides,” Pauline explains.

“I attended the 20 week session (which includes a meal replacement regimen) and then moved right into the STRIDE segment, a less structured program that still includes weekly weigh-ins and support communication.” As she started seeing results, Pauline became more active. “I love nature and the outdoors, so I started walking. If the weather is bad, I take advantage of my HealthPoint Fitness membership. I really do have more energy and feel better about myself. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, and, of course, shopping is much more fun!”

Raina Childers-Richmond MS, RD, LD, Starting Point coach, agrees that support and accountability are two big reasons why so many people have found success on the program. “We help people learn how to change long-standing habits regarding food and exercise. It is so inspiring to watch a group of people work together for a common goal. As coaches, we keep our clients accountable, but they also provide positive support for each other.”

Although Pauline is happy about the weight loss, the health benefits are what keep her motivated to stay trim. “Before I started losing weight, my health status was not optimal. Dr. Jessica Cox is my primary care physician and she prescribed medication to treat issues found in some concerning lab results. When I told her about my plan to join Starting Point, she was very supportive and signed all the paperwork that allowed our insurance to pay for the program,” notes Pauline. “All SoutheastHEALTH employees who meet the criteria for the weight loss program are able to take advantage of this great benefit. Today, I am no longer on all of those medications.”

“My friends ask when I will complete the Starting Point program. I tell them that I will never be finished—this is a lifetime effort—and I give all the credit for my success to Starting Point for teaching me how to improve my life,” Pauline says with a smile.

There is still time to join our next session!

Starting Point is a medically-supervised program for rapid and safe weight loss with skill building to help you learn how to keep off the weight you have lost. The emphasis is on health and weight management, not dieting. The next class starts soon! For more information, contact dietitian Raina Childers-Richmond, MS, RD, LD, at 573-986-4440.