Setting the Pace

Weight Loss Support

At HealthPoint Fitness, you don’t have to face any challenge alone and that includes losing weight.

For MacKenzie Pracht, HealthPoint Fitness played an important part in her recovery from serious leg injuries and, as she regained strength, she began to see the benefits of becoming more active. That was two years ago.

Today, the 21-year-old visits HealthPoint two or three times a week to walk and swim. “I use both facilities,” MacKenzie said, “and I like spending time here. The people are friendly.”

MacKenzie doesn’t just walk the track at HealthPoint. She has competed in more than 20 My Team Triumph 5K races. My Team Triumph is an organization of athletes that assists those with disabilities participate in competitive events. “I have a disability,” MacKenzie notes, “so I have an “Angel” who walks with me.” One of her most recent races was the Independence Day 5K held at HealthPoint Fitness – Jackson where she joined more than 400 other participants.

Debbie Leoni, a local My Team Triumph Angel, meets MacKenzie regularly at HealthPoint to work out with her. “I am amazed at how extremely faithful MacKenzie is in her determination to get and stay healthy. She never falters in her efforts and her resulting weight loss and fitness levels are a testament to that,” Debbie said.