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Kurt McDowell

Work Out Anytime, Anywhere!

Now it is possible to have your personal training work outs available to you 24/7! ONLINE COACHING at HealthPoint Fitness allows you to access a personalized training program from your electronic devices. That means you can work out anywhere, anytime! Your progress is monitored as you interact with your personal trainer by Skype, Face Time, or your preferred communication method.

Online Coaching offers a 4 week online fitness program for $135-- 1/3 the cost of in-house personal training! Here is how it works…

  1. Meet with Kurt McDowell, MS, CSCS, HealthPoint Personal Trainer (face-to-face or virtually—your choice) to discuss current fitness levels, goals, preferred exercise methods etc.
  2. Kurt provides weekly workout program based on your personal information
  3. Complete the workouts from any location, on your own schedule. No need to make appointments or work out in one location
  4. Each week, you provide feedback on workouts via e-mail or text
  5. Kurt then adjusts workout for the next week
  6. Kurt is available to answer questions or provide guidance to make your work outs as effective as possible.

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"I am about to finish my second month of Kurt McDowell’s online training program. As someone who is new to having any sort of dedicated workout plan I am really enjoying it. The exercises are basic enough that I can do them on my own and I really enjoy being able to keep track of my progression and seeing the amount of weights, reps, and sets increase. This is the longest I have stayed with any sort of workout regimen and I think it is because I'm able to easily track my progress. As well as the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish he workouts. I also really enjoy the level of personalization that is offered, Kurt is great about adjusting or replacing exercises that I have trouble doing. I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Kurt and his program to anyone. " - Asa Gray

"The convenience of having a work out ready to go was the best part. I didn't have to pre plan or think about anything for my workouts. I really enjoyed the way Kurt would cater to my abilities and comfort level regarding exercises. And the wide variety of exercises also helped to expand my abilities in the gym. Following Kurt's programming was also the first time I was able to see legit results, and it was surprising how fast the results came." - Adam Grant

"The workout/health program through Kurt McDowell was very beneficial, and I saw great results through my eight months working with him. The majority of my program focused on losing weight and toning up where I lost roughly 30lbs and gain a sufficient amount of strength. His program started me out with weights and exercises I was comfortable with and slowly worked me up week by week. If I ever had a question about an exercise or needed to adjust my daily workout due to schedule conflicts, Kurt was very easy to work with explaining or adjusting my routine to ensure I got the most out of my program. I submitted my results of that week’s programs each Sunday and received feedback and the next week’s program in a timely manner. Kurt ensured that I was valued in his program and encourage/acknowledged my progress each step of the way. His program is easy to understand and keep up with reachable goals that reflected my physical abilities. All of this would make Kurt McDowell’s extremely easy to recommend to anyone with the amount of care put into my program and the encouragement to succeed." - Jimmy Roach