Personal/Sports Training

Personal Training

At HealthPoint Fitness, our personal training staff provides you with the support, expertise and motivation you need to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Personal trainers provide guidance, instruction and motivation to those who want help beginning, maintaining or improving their personal fitness level.

Interested in Personal Training?

If you are interested in receiving personal training at HealthPoint, please complete the following questionnaire and return it to the front desk at either location.

Reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  • Individualized instruction—Your trainer develops the most effective workout based on your fitness evaluation results and personal goals.
  • Supervision—Your trainer gives real time feedback on form and technique, offering suggestions and assistance before they become bad habits and introduces exercises that will move trainees to the next fitness level.
  • Safety—Your trainer teaches the correct use of equipment and how to exercise without injury.
  • Consistency—Your trainer works with you on a regular basis, helping create a sense of commitment to your goals and eliminating excuses for not working out.
  • Ego boost—Your trainer will provide you with confidence to take on new fitness challenges. Working out will help you look better and feel better.

Personal Training Packages

Packages are available in single sessions for both members and non-members or in several different packages. Stop by the front desk for more information.

  • Package 1: Five 60-minute sessions
  • Package 2: 10 60-minute sessions
  • Package 3: Five 30-minute sessions
  • Package 4: 10 30-minute sessions

Group Training sessions are also available for two or more for both members and non-members.

Personal Trainers

  • Tabitha Ainsworth
  • Rachel Biri
  • Nicole Bolen
  • Chris Brockmire
  • Andy Callis
  • Kristi Ewasko
  • Jorden Glasco
  • Brandon Job
  • Chris Kanneberg
  • Ryan Kloeppel
  • Paige McCormick
  • Kurt McDowell
  • Clay Pope
  • Jeremy Prino
  • Mike Smith

Personal Fitness Assessments

Free annual personal fitness assessments are available to all members. We encourage you to have a fitness assessment when you join HealthPoint Fitness to help you design your fitness plan and monitor your improvement.

This assessment serves three purposes:

  • Creates a baseline of information for future comparison. See how well you've done when you re-test after working out a few months
  • Helps us screen out any health concerns you may have and create a program accordingly
  • Finds out your fitness goals and plans so that we can head you in the right direction

Your fitness assessment consists of:

  • Body composition estimation
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Flexibility
  • Pushups and sit ups for strength
  • Other tests based on your current level of fitness

Please sign up for your fitness assessment at the front desk when you sign up for membership.

Sports Training

SportsMax Training Program

A six-week sports performance program for competitive or recreational athletes ages 11 and older.

  • Specifically tailored to improve athlete’s strengths in areas that need to be further developed to excel in his or her chosen spot
  • Workouts concentrate on speed, strength, agility and conditioning
  • Athletes train on the Woodway Force Treadmill and Vertimax Vertical Jump Trainer
  • Participants average 20-30% increase in areas including speed, vertical jump and agility
  • Multi-sport athletes can repeat program to focus on performance according to sports seasons
  • Best results are obtained with at least three workouts per week
  • All participants receive pre- and post- testing

Personalized Sports Training

Individualized attention can be the key to becoming the best you can be at your sport. Our personal trainers can design a personalized, sport-specific training program to help you reach your goals. Private, sports personal training packages are available in a variety of price ranges. Stop by the Trainer’s Desk for information.

Personal Training for Kids

Personal training isn't just for adults! Many children need to fine tune their fitness levels to get weight under control, increase their exercise level or obtain sport-specific training. School-age kids can learn healthy eating practices and safe fitness activities which make it fun to get in shape. Stop by the Trainer’s Desk for information.

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