Staff Spotlights

Jennifer McQuay staff spotlightJennifer McQuary

As a yoga instructor, Jennifer McQuay enjoys sharing the value of this ancient form of exercise to people of all ages and abilities.  “I am trained in Accessible Yoga, which means I can instruct people with special needs such as amputees and those with age-related mobility issues.   Many people have the impression that yoga is difficult and only for the athletic and physically fit, but has benefits for all of us—both physically and mentally.  “With the use of props such as chairs, a wall, belts and yoga blocks, most everyone is able to participate,” she noted.

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Tatiana Reagan  thumbnailTatiana Reagan

Tatiana Reagan is the newbie on HealthPoint Fitness training staff, but she feels right at home.  “I interned here as a college student and knew this is where I wanted to work,” said Tatiana.  “I really like the staff and our members are great.  The staff is a close knit group and they welcomed me to the team right away.”

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ShawnNesler100x100Shawn Nesler

Shawn Nesler, HealthPoint Fitness Building Supervisor, has unique plans to celebrate his 50th birthday…not just with a special dinner or huge party, but by competing in an Iron Man Competition.

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HaleyRushin staffspotlight

Haley Rushin

Haley Rushin grew up in family that struggled with various health issues. That experience encouraged her, as one of HealthPoint’s newest staff members, to focus on helping people learn about the value of fitness as a means of preventative health care. She also wants her clients to feel comfortable at the gym, no matter their fitness level.

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Jorden GlascoJorden Glasco

Jorden Glasco is a Marine. He is also a sports performance coach specializing in Olympic Weightlifting and is certified by Team USA.  He has been working as a personal trainer at HealthPoint Cape for the past 13 months.

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