Caleb Koehler

Caleb Koehler300x300Caleb Koehler’s career in sports training is the outcome of a love of sports that began at the very young age. “I grew up being active and involved in sports,” said Caleb. “But I was small for my age and very conscious of that fact.” Caleb began working out and saw the results it had on his own body. “I gained muscle strength, but I wasn’t always taught the correct form or techniques to use when training. That is my objective now when I work with young athletes,” he noted.

Caleb has been a member of the HealthPoint staff for three years, first as a lifeguard while in school at Southeast Missouri State University and now as a fitness trainer. “My specialty is sports performance which includes strength training, speed and agility,” he noted. “I help young athletes find the limit of their ability and push them past that in a safe, productive way.” He instructs athletes involved in the HealthPoint Sports Max program and recently taught speed and agility skills the Cape Catfish Kids Baseball Camp and to athletes in the Balls and Strikes baseball program.

“I take learning serious,” he said. “I keep up with the latest information on training practices and how it effects the body. I know there is no one size or one fix for everyone. I work with my clients and learn about their individual needs before getting them on a program. I love it when the athletes ask me questions about techniques and results. If you understand how training works and are willing to give me the effort, I can guarantee you will see results.”

One of Caleb’s recent clients is an example of his success…” I worked with a 13 year old soccer player who had no previous training experience. We worked together over the summer on strength, agility and strength. He vastly improved his form and speed and it was noticed by his coach the following season. The coach told him that he had never seen a player improve so much during the off season. The young athlete is now the fastest player on the team,” Caleb smiled.