Jennifer McQuay

Jennifer McQuay staff spotlight

As a yoga instructor, Jennifer McQuay enjoys sharing the value of this ancient form of exercise to people of all ages and abilities. “I am trained in Accessible Yoga, which means I can instruct people with special needs such as amputees and those with age-related mobility issues. Many people have the impression that yoga is difficult and only for the athletic and physically fit, but has benefits for all of us—both physically and mentally. “With the use of props such as chairs, a wall, belts and yoga blocks, most everyone is able to participate,” she noted.

Yoga brings calm to the body while strengthening muscles and improving balance. Jennifer experienced that positive vibe when first taking classes at a community college. She quickly became interested in becoming an instructor and received her 200-hour teaching certificate. Now, she is working on her 300-Hour Advanced Yoga certificate and plans to complete the course in May, 2020.

When she, her husband and son moved back to the area, HealthPoint Fitness in Jackson offered her a place to teach yoga classes. “Living here is different than St. Louis, but it is a good life.” Jennifer says. “We wanted to come back to be close to family and to pursue the careers we wanted.”

The Jackson facility now offers two Yoga classes taught by Jennifer. One is at 8 a.m. on Friday and the other is at 6:15 on Wednesday.