Jorden Glasco

Jorden GlascoJorden Glasco is a Marine. He is also a sports performance coach specializing in Olympic Weightlifting and is certified by Team USA.  He has been working as a personal trainer at HealthPoint Cape for the past 13 months. We sat down with Jordon recently and asked him a few questions….

What motivated you to become a personal trainer?
While in the Marine Corps, my friends and I would build camaraderie with each other in the gym when we weren’t in the field. After that, I just felt as though the gym was a second home to me and I wanted to continue building that camaraderie with others and show them that there’s more to a gym than just exercising. So I became a personal trainer.

Do you have a specific type of clientele that you specialize in working with?
I specialize with athletes looking to get an edge in their sport, individuals looking to increase size and strength, or those who would like to improve their overall functionality.

What do you do when you aren't training at HealthPoint?
I enjoy reading. Business, History, Health and Fitness, I’ll read almost anything other than fiction. I also enjoy playing tabletop games with my friends, such as poker, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, and I love backpacking/camping.

What motivates you to exercise even on days where you may not feel up to it?
The thing that motivates me the most is probably my friends. I can’t let them lift more weight than me. Additionally, when I was younger I was overweight, some could say obese, and have no desire to return to how I felt when I was overweight.

What can members look forward to when they train with you?
You can look forward to learning a wealth of exercise knowledge that you can take with you when it is time for you sprout your wings and continue your fitness journey without me. Also, you might think I’m funny. 

What tips can you share to help first-timers who are thinking about personal training?
When you are feeling lost or unmotivated don’t be scared to turn to one of the trainers for guidance. We are here to get you to where you are going. We’ll help you take the first steps and be right there next to you the entire way.

Any favorite workout quotes?
“No [individual] has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for [an individual] to go through life without seeing the true strength of which [their] body is capable of.” - Socrates

Share a random fact about yourself:
I was stationed at Camp David for 2 years and provided direct security for President Obama and President Trump during their stays at the presidential retreat.