Shawn Nesler

ShawnNesler2019Shawn Nesler, HealthPoint Fitness Building Supervisor, has unique plans to celebrate his 50th birthday…not  just with a special dinner or huge party, but by competing in an Iron Man Competition.

“This event is a Half Iron Man Competition and will be held in Muncie, Indiana, on July 13,” Shawn explained.  “That means I will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run 26.2 miles.”  Three thousand people are slated to participate including seven athletes from Cape Girardeau; three of which are HealthPoint members.

Shawn is an experienced Iron Man, competing in full Iron Man events in 2013 and 2014.  Since that time, he has attended local events to keep in shape.  “I have been training for triathlons since HealthPoint added the lap pool back in 2007,” he said.  “I enjoy training and when you have to train for swimming, running and biking, it doesn’t get so monotonous.”

Shawn has been part of the HealthPoint staff since the center opened almost 15 years ago.  He enjoys his work and also enjoys the benefits of working in a fitness center.  “I am serious about this competition…my goal is a personal best in Muncie.” The top three winners in each age group will be eligible to enter the International completion in Europe next year.   Wouldn’t that be  a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday!