Tatiana Reagan

Tatiana ReaganTatiana Reagan is the newbie on HealthPoint Fitness training staff, but she feels right at home. “I interned here as a college student and knew this is where I wanted to work,” said Tatiana. “I really like the staff and our members are great. The staff is a close knit group and they welcomed me to the team right away.”

Tatiana received her degree in sports training from Southeast Missouri State University in May with a certification in strength and conditioning. She helps instruct HealthPoint’s SportsMax program and works with athletes in a one-on-one or group setting.

Her passion is working with young men and women to improve their strength, speed and agility. “My goal with young clients is to get them in the habit of working out and being healthy to benefit both their athletic prowess and their personal health and fitness. If I teach them correct techniques and good habits, they will be able to continue their quest for excellence even after their organized sports days are over,” she said.

In her personal life, she practices what she preaches. Tatiana is an avid power lifter and a sports enthusiast--as a participant rather than a spectator. She also enjoys volunteering with a youth group at her church.