Weight Loss & Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition partnered with exercise is the key to good health. From nutrition coaching to medically supervised weight loss programs, and everything in between, we are equipped to help you take control of your health and weight.

Weight Management First Steps Seminar

While attending a free Weight Management First Steps seminar, you will discuss strategies for beginning the process of health improvement and weight management. Nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification information will be provided.

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For more information call HealthPoint Nutritional Services 573-986-4440

We will share details about the options HealthPoint Fitness offers to assist with this challenging effort. You will learn how our individualized approach evaluates your current fitness level, personal goals and medical issues before recommending any weight loss or fitness plan.

The Program Includes:

  • Starting Point and Biometrics Weight Loss Programs
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • And More!

Check Calendar of Events for dates and registration information

Launch Pre-Surgery Weight Management Program

It has been found that reducing weight prior to orthopedic surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements, improves outcomes for patients. Launch, a pre-surgical, weight management program, is now being offered at HealthPoint Fitness.

A 12-week program introduces healthy living strategies in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle change. Weekly educational sessions as well as an additional weekly individual “check-in” help support participants and add accountability to their effort.

This program requires a physician referral and physician monitoring as well as screening lab work prior to participation.

For information about the program, contact HealthPoint Fitness Nutrition Services at 986-4440.

Biometrics –Nutrition and Fitness Program

A nationally-recognized program that helps you lose weight, improve fitness and jumpstart your energy level in six weeks. Discover how blending fitness and nutrition can produce remarkable results.

Exercise Element

  • Workout two times per week with personal trainer at either HealthPoint Fitness facility
  • Follow customized exercise plan based on your current level of fitness
  • One-on-one instruction and support helps ensure progress

Nutrition Element

  • Enjoy meals made of real food
  • Customized meal plan created by registered dietitians
  • Meal plans based on your food preferences and your health factors
  • Recipes and weekly shopping lists provided
  • Helpful tips on dining out

Program Fees

  • For details regarding cost, call Raina Childers at 573-986-4440
  • Payment options are available
  • Open to HealthPoint members and non-members

Promoting Health in Teens (PHIT)

A weight and nutrition program to improve the quality of life of adolescents who struggle with health issues caused by obesity

  • Twelve week program geared toward children ages 13-17
  • Medically supervised
  • Individualized program to help teens develop healthy eating habits and exercise skills
  • Weekly sessions. Certain sessions to be attended by participant with parent or guardian
  • Monthly follow up visits with registered dietitian and fitness professional after program completed for up to one year

Program Fees

  • Open to HealthPoint members and non-members
  • For details on fees, call Raina Childers, 573-986-4440

Nutritional Coaching

We realize it is hard to go it alone when trying to instill new habits. Nutritional Coaching, offered by our registered dietitians, assists you in putting a personal nutritional plan in place.

Medical nutrition therapy helps you learn how to manage health concerns such as high cholesterol, gastrointestinal illnesses, food allergies, eating disorders, cancer and high blood pressure through good nutrition.

Reclaim Program– Taking Control of Your Weight

You lost weight but gained it back? You tried a special diet but didn’t stick with it very long? You loved to exercise but your enthusiasm is gone?

  • Six week program helps you refocus on ways to prevent or reverse weight gain (ONLY offered in November and April)
  • Each one hour session includes private weigh-in
  • Weekly programs on meal planning, fitness, healthy living

Program Fees

  • Open to HealthPoint members and non-members
  • Fee $125

Starting Point – Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

A lifestyle Approach to health and weight management

Do you have weight to lose? Is your weight impacting your life? Are you ready to make some life-changes to how you eat and exercise? Starting Point offers a comprehensive, intensive approach to successful health and weight management. This program is not a quick fix; it is a highly effective treatment option.

About Starting Point

  • Medically supervised
  • Rapid and safe weight loss with skill building to keep weight off
  • Emphasis on health and weight management, not dieting
  • Ideal program for those with or without pre-existing medical conditions
  • Open to both HealthPoint members and non-members

Medical Screening

  • All participants receive clinical introduction, medical screening, comprehensive laboratory test for all treatment options
  • EKG may be completed based on medical necessity

Weekly Sessions

Foundation Sessions

  • Meal replacement by Health OneR from Health and Nutrition Technology, introduces safe, rapid and effective weight loss
  • Meal replacement provides complete US Recommended Dietary allowance for protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Thorough medical monitoring
  • Weekly educational/behavioral sessions
  • Physical activity skills enhanced
  • Loss of 2-4 pounds per week depending on weight loss needs

Ongoing Practice Sessions

  • Gradual return to eating grocery store food
  • Individualized meal planning
  • Learn how many calories you need daily to maintain your goal weight
  • Practice new eating and exercise habits
  • Weekly education/support sessions
  • Discover what a lifetime of health and weight management means

Program Fees

  • Fees are based on your treatment option
  • Program fees are payable every four weeks during all sessions
  • Medical fees are due when services are provided
  • Participants purchase food replacement weekly
  • Total costs depend on body mass index, medical history and weight to lose
  • For details regarding costs, attend a scheduled informational meeting or call Raina Childers, MS, RD,LD, at 573-986-4440

Healthy Cooking Series


A monthly cooking class that shares recipes and cooking techniques to improve the nutritional value and lower the calories in the foods you eat.

  • Presented by Raina Childers, MS, RD, LD, a registered dietitian and Nutritional Services Coordinator at HealthPoint Fitness.
  • Recipes and samples provided during class.
  • Cost: $5.00
  • Classes held in the demonstration kitchen at HealthPoint Fitness-Cape.
  • Register for an upcoming class by calling Raina Childers 573-986-4400 for more information